Friday, August 20, 2010

Open LockSport Donations

A slight divergence from the technical for a moment, everyone should go check out a cool new line of custom lock-picking tools that will be coming out shortly. Pre-Order yours by providing a donation to get the business started. I proudly donated a very large sum to this cause today and setup onsite training as well for a group of my friends with the creator of these lock-picks....

Check it out!!!

Generally I like to stay 100% technical posts but this guy was really cool, extremely excited about what he does and thats what I like to see!!! Motivated people with passion about their interests... I am always about supporting individuals like this... So check them out and get yourself a nice set of custom lock-pick tools...

And if youre in the cleveland area and interested in lockpicking, send me a message and i will let you know about lockpicking meet ups.


  1. Ficti0n,

    I am an exectuive recruiter, I am looking for a Sr. Penetration Eng. If interested please give me a call at 973 602 3951 or



  2. Hey Jason, currently happy with my job position but i will keep you in mind for the future... Thanks for the offer, but working remotely hacking everything and loving it... ;) Maybe one of my other associates on here would be interested...

  3. As a human we can not remember so many things.Some time it is possible that we forget where we keep our keys .Reason is that may be we are too busy.Lockpicking is important skill set for such people. People can open locked chests and doors without any damage.People can use lock pick set for lock picking.