Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Web3 Smart Contract and Blockchain Hacking with Python Free Course Section 1

 Below is the full playlist and the outline for Section 1 the Web3 Hacking in Python course.. This is the most in-depth python based web3 material I have seen anywhere online. 

Section 1 is the foundational section of the course using python for web3 that covers the following topics and also assumes that you have already taken my smart contract hacking course from 2020.  

Smart Contract and Blockchain Web3 Hacking in Python: 

Section 1: 

Smart Contract Interactions: 

1.  Simple Smart Contract Interactions

2.  ERC20 Token Interactions

3.  Wallet Interactions

4.  Manual ByteCode Reversing

5.  ByteCode Function BruteForce Automation

6.  Automated Reversing and Disassembly

7.  Transaction Signing

8.  In Depth Manual Smart Contract Interactions

9.  Asynchronous programming to monitor Contract Events

Homework Assignments

1. Uniswap Pair nested Contract Interactions

2. Attacking Smart Contract Pathways Manually with python

3. Analyze Bytecode and Determine what it Interactions

Network Interactions: 

1. Blocks and transaction Filtering and Monitoring

2. Pending Transaction Subscriptions And Network Monitoring

3. Monitoring Smart Contract Mempool Transactions (Uniswap Routers)



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