Monday, March 28, 2011

The Database Pillager (tool release)

The Database Pillager
(Usage Tutorial, Tool Release 0.1)

I coded up a Database Pillaging tool for multiple database types which can be downloaded below I would host this tool on some kind of code hosting site but they all seem to be a pain in my ass so it will stay in zip format until I find one that isn't a pain to use or doesn't just display all of my personal data.

UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK v0.6:  Also updated post for new syntax added new features since htis post but updated the syntax on this post )

Since I have yet to find a post exploitation database tool that works well for me, I coded my own. This project was created to solve a reoccurring problem I have had searching and retrieving PCI/HIPPA data after I have compromised the domain or obtained local database credentials and I still need to prove that I have access to sensitive data.  I have found this tool useful for many reasons including finding session tokens, passwords and creditcards in databases. The Database Pillager (DBPillage) was created to fulfill the following goals and is still in active development by myself and other contributors.