Sunday, April 24, 2011

Immunity Canvas Code and CMDLine Walkthrough

This weekend was my first time playing around with Immunity Canvas. I noticed a lack of documentation for anything Non-Gui based regarding the framework. Since i had such a hard time tracking down information I decided to make a video showing Canvas basic CMDLine usage and tried to explain some module code based on my initial analysis I hope it helps

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DbPillage Release 0.3

Database Pillager Release 0.3 
(Couple New features and updates)

Quick announcement on the Database Pillager tool. I have added in new features and updated many things...  Below is some info and an example.

Updated Download Link: (0.6)

-Grabs database password hashes from each database type when -# or --hashes is used

-Implemented Hipaa Searches for all kinds of data (just searched the web for regexes :) haha if you have more I will be happy to add them)

    * SSN
      SSN with Dashes                 
      SSN with spaces
      Carefirst ID
      dental Procedure