Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Social Engineering Pentest Professional(SEPP) Training Review

I recently returned from the new Social Engineering training provided by in the beautiful city of Seattle,WA, a state known for sparkly vampires, music and coffee shop culture.  As many of you reading this article, i also read the authors definitive book Social Engineering- The art of human hacking and routinely perform SE engagements for my clients. When i heard that the author of the aforementioned book was providing training i immediately signed up to get an in person glance at the content provided in the book. However, i was pleasantly surprised to find the course covered so much more then what was presented in the book.


I wasn't aware that there would be more then one instructor and was extremely happy with the content provided by both instructors. Chris and Robin both have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the realm of social engineering.  Each instructor brought a different angle and use case scenario to the course content. Robin is an FBI agent in charge of behavioral analysis and uses social engineering in his daily life and work to get the results needed to keep our country safe. Chris uses social engineering in his daily work to help keep his clients secure and provides all sorts of free learning material to the information security community through podcasts and online frameworks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wireless Scenarios Part 1: EAP-Radius JTR Hashcat, SSID MAC issues and more

I have been on a number of wireless engagements again lately and much like the wireless blog i wrote over a year ago i am trying various combinations of techniques and tools in conjunction to gain access to networks. I will show a range of tools and techniques mostly as a reminder to myself. The format will be scenario based on what i have been seeing while testing.  Some of these tools include JTR/Hashcat with specialized rulesets, mdk3 for SSID/MAC bruteforcing, evil access points for bypassing guest networks, DNS redirection/tunneling as well as radius-wpe attacks etc... This will be a 2 part blog, first blog being more Pre-Auth attacks and the second blog being more client attacks.