Thursday, June 9, 2011

Burp Intruder Time fields

This is an update from the last video blog: 

I had a update submission from Toxic after watching Web Application video #2. Although module 4 was to learn how to code custom situations... Toxic noted that there are time fields within burp intruder by adding the columns:

-Response Received
-Response Completed

You can get a number related to the seconds it took for the request to complete... For example the php code originally was set for a 2 second sleep function and so Jsmith had the following output:

Response Received: 2107

Now I upped the sleep function to 4 seconds and Jsmith has a new value of:

Response Received: 4001

I then upped the sleep function to 8 seconds and Jsmith has the new value of:
Response Received: 8002

Indicating that field actually does keep track of the time between request and response... Just another option for anyone playing with time based stuff in burp.....


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  1. No worries mate, thanks for your great vids and take care