Sunday, April 7, 2019

Hacking All the Cars - Part 2

Connecting Hardware to Your Real Car: 

 I realized the other day I posted Part 2 of this series to my youtube awhile ago but not blogger so this one will be quick and mostly via video walkthrough. I often post random followup videos which may never arrive on this blog. So if you’re waiting on something specific I mentioned or the next part to a series its always a good idea to subscribe to the YouTube. This is almost always true if there is video associated with the post.  

In the last blog we went over using virtual CAN devices to interact with a virtual car simulators of a CAN network This was awesome because it allowed us to learn how to interact with he underlying CAN network without fear of hacking around on an expensive automobile. But now it’s time to put on your big boy pants and create a real CAN interface with hardware and plug your hardware device into your ODB2 port. 

The video I created below will show you where to plug your device in, how to configure it and how to take the information you learned while hacking around on the virtual car from part1 and apply it directly to a real car.   

Video Walk Through Using Hardware on a Real Car

As a reference here are the two device options I used in the video and the needed cable: 

Hardware Used: 

Get OBD2 Cable:

Get CANtact:


Creating Network Interfaces: 

As a reference here are the commands from the video for creating a CAN network interface: 

USB2Can Setup: 
The following command will bring up your can interface and you should see the device light color change: 
sudo ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 125000

Contact Setup: 
Set your jumpers on 3,5 and 7 as seen in the picture in the video
Sudo slcand -o -s6 /dev/ttyACM can0 <— whatever device you see in your DMESG output
Ifconfig can0 up


That should get you started connecting to physical cars and hacking around. I was also doing a bit of python coding over these interfaces to perform actions and sniff traffic. I might post that if anyone is interested. Mostly I have been hacking around on blockchain stuff and creating full course content recently so keep a look out for that in the future. 


  1. Hi,excelent work

    The usb2can its not avalible. I could do the same with the new Korlan USB2CAN?


    1. Not sure, I would check their documentation. I assume it would work if its a usb2can.. but the commands might be different, check their manual.